Roda Ahmed

New book “Wiggly Toes”
Previous book "Mae Among the Stars"
Appearance time: 12:00-12:30

Roda was born in Hargaisa, Somalia and moved to Norway with her family and seven siblings. A graduate  in Anthropology from the Norwegian University of Technology and Natural Sciences, Roda has also mastered five languages; Somali, Arabic, Norwegian, English and French. 


In 2008 Roda’s debut novel, “Forberedelsen” (The Preparation), became a bestseller in Norway. It was published by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag - one of the most respected publishing houses in the country.  Roda is a recipient of a writing scholarship from  “Fritt Ord” (Norway's The Free Speech Foundation).​

Ahmed was a regular columnist for the Norwegian National newspaper, Dagsavisen and is releasing her first children’s book “Mae Among the Stars” in 2018 with Harper Collins. “Mae Among the Stars” is inspired by the story of Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel into space.

Written by: Roda Ahmed and Leandra Rose
Illustrated by: Fanny Liem

Good Night, Wiggly Toes is a bedtime story book, where the main character can’t go to bed cause her toes are too wiggly. So her mom helps her daughter say good night to her wiggly toes. But then her feet want to run, so she says good night running feet. But then her legs want to jump, good night jumping legs. It’s a good night book for the whole body to wind down, using a simple meditational method. Good night, wiggly toes even works on the grown ups reading it.

Another of Roda's books Mae Among the Stars is an inspiring and beautifully illustrated true story about a little girl who wanted to dance in the stars. This wonderful book is about following your dreams despite the obstacles. Mae dreamt of going into outer space as a little girl, and people told her she couldn’t do it...but she did it anyway! With love, support, and encouragement from her parents, she persevered.

Angela M. Sanchez

New book "Scruffy and the Egg: Adventures on the Road" 
Previous book "Scruffy and the Egg"
Appearance time: 1:00-1:30


Angela Sanchez, a blossoming L.A. writer, was once homeless. Her children’s book ‘Scruffy and the Egg’ tells the tale Angela Sanchez talks about how homelessness inspired her to write a children’s book.


Here are some short blurbs from her website as well as a link to her website (


Scruffy and the Egg is based upon an old story my dad and I used to tell each other when we were going through tough times (you can get the full scoop here), I felt that this was a story that needed to be told. For many families who may be “patchworked,” are experiencing homelessness, or headed by a single parent, Scruffy and the Egg finally puts a voice out there that’s been missing from children’s literature for quite some time.


I have written and published the children’s book, Scruffy and the Egg, and am currently working on my first young adult novel. I am most interested in urban fantasy and (as you can see) cartoons.

When I’m not drawing, I’m writing on issues related to social justice and access to higher education. My blog, Poverty2Professional, tracks my own journey from being a homeless teenager to navigating college and to now holding down my first professional job. I am a proud alumna of UCLA and provide motivational talks for students throughout Los Angeles. Organizations that have hosted me include: