About Us

Our Story

In the 1990s, founders Joe Blackstone and Jamie Mohn volunteered to be readers for the USC JEP organization. They would read to 1st and 2nd graders in the USC School of Five inner-city elementary schools every week. Very quickly they became aware of the alarming number of students that were reading below grade level. More alarming, was the fact that if a child didn't have a strong reading foundation at an early stage in their education then that student would most likely get lost in “the system” and have an arduous road ahead of them.

Through this volunteer work, Joe and Jamie had the opportunity to witness the impact that took place when these children were given the attention and opportunity to help strengthen their reading skills and bolster their reading confidence. It was then that the seed of becoming part of that impact and change had been planted. In 2011, J3 Foundation was created with initial work being to fund foundations and charities focused on child development. In 2018, J3’s Cozy Reading Club was developed. They created an after school reading program that focuses on elevating the reading skills, reading confidence, reading habits, and increasing book access for 4th-grade students in high needs areas. Joe and Jamie have set out on a mission to give these students a fighting chance and keep them OUT of the system. They set a goal in 2018 to reach and serve 1,000 students within a 10 year period of time through the J3 Foundation. With the recent racial tensions and inequities in 2020, they have elevated that goal to reach those 1,000 students as soon as possible.

Our Approach

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Research and Evaluation

J3’s approach is grounded in rigorous, evidence-based research and informed by a cycle of continuous evaluation using school data, informal & formal assessments, and parent/teacher/student surveys. ​Our development team includes nationally-recognized expert educational practitioners and researchers, in addition to experts in the fields of psychology and social work.  

The J3 Team
Board of Directors


Joe Blackstone, Co-Founder



Jamie Mohn, PsyD, Co-Founder

Vice Chair & Treasurer


Lindsey Palmer



Stacee Longo

Senior Program Director


Mira Brown

Program Coordinator 


Valerie Jauregui 

Program Director 


Grant Mohn

Marketing Consultant 


Arthur Scott

Site Coordinator


Latisha Jeffers

Site Coordinator


Courtney Gilmore

Site Coordinator


Jasmine Sandoval

Marketing Coordinator


Advisory Board

Rick Barry, PhD

​Sebastian Cognetta, EdD

Jane Sandor

James G. Ellis

Humberto R. Gray, JD

Roger H. Howard, JD

Carron Brown

Beth Anderson

Sherry McKuin

Sonia Lowman

Our advisory board includes educational practitioners & researchers, parents, authors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in several fields.

Bobbie Boggs-Miller

Director of Operations 


Hannah Ward

Site Coordinator


Debora Zecena-Rubio

Site Coordinator


Jessica Blackstone

Kid President

Meet J3


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“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.” 

- Kate DiCamillo