Cozy reading club

In close partnership with high need schools serving students of color, J3’s after-school COZY READING CLUB provides 4th grade students, currently reading below grade level, with the reading skills, habits, confidence, and book access they need to succeed. We have created an engaging research-based and culturally-relevant curriculum that targets multisyllabic word attack skills. Students in J3’s program are instructed by highly-qualified teachers and instructional aides hired from each partner school and trained in our curriculum. And in an effort to increase access to books, J3 has carefully curated a lending library of over 2,000 titles for J3 students and teachers to borrow from. These elements have proven to promote rapid growth in J3 students’ reading ability for success in school and beyond.

For more information, please contact: 

Stacee Longo, Program Director

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