Cozy Reading Club

Children Reading the Holy Bible
An afterschool program that provides 4th grade students, who are currently reading below grade level, with the reading skills, habits, confidence, and book access they need to succeed.

Lending Libraries 

Parent Workshops 

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Our contactless lending libraries are facilitated to maintain students' free access to J3's diverse book collection through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Parents and Child
Parent workshops ensure that the work of building literacy doesn't stop in the classroom, but is maintained through out all aspects of the students life.

Teacher Workshops

Teacher and Pupil
Our teacher workshops share the latest research and teaching techniques that J3 has found to be effective in the fight for proficient readers.

School Partnerships

Back to School with Mask
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Strong school partnerships allow us to work with schools to ensure they are resourced with the tools they need to prevent students from falling behind in the future

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships create opportunities for J3 to broaden its impact across Los Angeles
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Screenshot from a Zoom session with some of our students with Site Coordinator, Melanie Kimes, Site Coordinator, Mira Brown and Program Director, Stacee Longo!

What people are saying...



“I felt a bit nervous in the beginning but now I’m getting braver. I have more courage.”

Parents and Child


“You’ll see a kid whose technically a struggling reader grab, like, seven books and say, ‘can I take these home?’, and they have this twinkle in their eye and they’re so into it and so excited.”

Teacher and Pupil


“He actually enjoys reading. The first time he read in the car I almost cried of happiness. The first time he begged for five more minutes to read, I actually did cry.”