After school cozy reading club

J3's Cozy Reading Club is a free after-school literacy program for 4th grade scholars who are reading below grade level. Our program is based on the pillars of culturally relevant books, evidence-based programming, and school & community partnerships. J3's Cozy Reading Club differs from other reading programs in its holistic approach to nurturing and teaching students. Our program aims to equip students with the reading skills, habits, confidence, and book access they need to succeed. In addition, we incorporate mindfulness practices and explicit teaching of the five social emotional learning competencies during each session. Students meet twice a week to practice mindfulness, work on their literacy skills, enjoy quiet reading time, and so much more! 



Online Class


"He actually enjoys reading [now]. The first time he read in the car I almost cried of happiness. The first time he begged for five more minutes to read, I actually did cry."


"I like reading now! I used to not like it, but because of this program I love reading now. It's fun for me!"

Male Teacher with Students


“You’ll see a kid who is technically a struggling reader grab, like, seven books and say, ‘can I take these home?’, and they have this twinkle in their eye and they’re so into it and so excited.”