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J3 Foundation is a non-profit battling childhood illiteracy. We currently partner with 16 schools, 4 school districts and work with over 150 students. Over the next few months we are looking to grow drastically by partnering with 24 schools and serving 1000+ students. We NEED your help... the students need your help!

In this video, you will learn some staggering statistics about childhood illiteracy and what J3 Foundation LA is doing to combat it.

Don’t just take our word for it! In this video, you’ll hear from real teachers and students about how our afterschool programs are impacting them!

J3 Foundation
is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides after-school reading programs in partnership with high need schools that serve students of color. Our mission is to equip 4th and 5th grade scholars with the skills, habits, confidence, and books they need for a lifetime of reading success.

WHY we focus on reading



We know that over 95% of children can learn to read. We know that children must master the foundational skills of reading before fourth grade. But today in Los Angeles, less than 48% of fourth graders are reading proficiently, and this leaves them at risk for a difficult transition to middle school and beyond. School libraries are straining to stay open, and current after-school programs are straining to reach all the students who need to catch up and move ahead.


J3 Foundation believes that LEARNING TO READ IS A BIRTHRIGHT and a pathway to academic and personal success, a pathway all students can travel. We believe that success is within reach here in Los Angeles when we empower school leadership, teachers, parents, and the community to build strong readers.  We bring together highly-qualified teachers, evidence-based personalized lessons with measurable outcomes, culturally relevant books that hook kids into reading, and school & community involvement to support reading progress in school and beyond. We believe our J3 approach to after-school and summer reading programs can make a difference.

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“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” 

- Margaret Fuller