J3 Cozy Reading Club Core Elements

Building confidence, changing lives

J3 Cozy Reading Club is made up of a variety of carefully designed whole group and small group activities that provide our striving readers with a safe space to explore a new relationship with books and give them the reading boost they need. All the while, having fun!

Outdoor Recreation & Nutrition

Each student is provided with a healthy snack and time to play outside before Cozy Reading Club begins in order to fuel their bodies before they fuel their minds.

Mindfulness Exercise

Each Cozy Reading Club session begins with a mindfulness exercise to help improve students’ self control, attentive listening skills, resiliency, social skills, and overall academic success.

Read Aloud & Reflect

Teachers read carefully selected picture books to model fluent reading while promoting a deeper exploration of their meaning. Students reflect afterward through conversation and journaling to build academic vocabulary, comprehension, and a cohesive community of readers.

Reading Skills Lesson

Our evidence-based curriculum focuses on teaching students to decode multisyllabic words by recognizing syllable patterns and applying syllable division rules.

Cozy Reading (Sustained Silent Reading)

Students get cozy with lanterns, cushions, and our diverse collection of books in order to apply the reading skills they have learned, improve their perspectives toward reading, and establish identities as readers. At the end of each session, students select 2 books to check out through our lending library to start building habits at home.

Shout Outs & Recognitions

Each Cozy Reading Club session ends with students recognizing their peers for positive community building behaviors they observed and appreciated.

The Cozy Reading Club, J3 Foundation’s premier reading program, is special in how intentional every piece of the two-hour after-school program is. The magic of our program is that we provide a safe space where all students get to rediscover the joy and magic of a good book.

J3 Senior Program Director

The J3 Cozy Reading Club teaches critical reading competencies through an evidence-based and culturally-relevant curriculum. It allows our Compton students, regardless of income or background, to receive a high-quality after-school reading intervention program.

Director of Educational Services, K-8 Compton Unified School District

As a former J3 teacher and now a parent of a J3 student, I am very thankful for what the foundation has held itself to be. Thank you for helping build my son as a bold reader. Through your sessions, he is on his way to having a brighter future.

J3 Parent