About J3

At J3 Foundation, we believe that success is within reach when we empower administration, teachers, parents, and the community to build strong readers.

Letter from our Founders

Our passion for helping kids learn to read began soon after we got married. We joined a USC alumni program where we read with students every week at the USC “School of Five” inner-city elementary schools. During our time as literacy volunteers, we quickly became aware of the alarming number of students who were reading below grade level. It was then that the seed of becoming part of the positive impact on literacy had been planted.

After our daughter Jess was born, our desire to help improve the lives of children increased and we created J3 Foundation with the initial work of funding foundations and charities focused on child development. But we realized we could and should do more.

After much research and development, in 2018, we launched J3’s Cozy Reading Club to support the most vulnerable 4th grade students in Los Angeles.

In the handful of years since its inception, we have partnered with over a dozen schools in the greater Los Angeles area and have served hundreds of students.

When we established the Cozy Reading Club, we set out with an initial goal of serving 1,000 students within a 10 year period. However, the impact of Covid-19 and the racial inequity that  many students are facing have inspired us to reach our goal by 2025.

We encourage you to get involved in any way possible. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Joe, Jamie and Kid President Jess

Annual Reports

2018 Report


2019 Report


2020 Report


2021 Report


2022 Annual Report

Photo of some team members on virtual meeting.

Meet the J3 Team

Our J3 team is made up of educational practitioners, researchers, parents, authors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in several fields. Each team member is passionate about literacy and dedicated to changing the status quo.

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Many hands joined together in support of our cause.

Partners & Supporters

The corporations, small businesses, families, and individuals who support us are the lifeblood of this organization. We are so grateful for all those who aid in our mission!

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